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OSHA Recordkeeping Solutions

The New Standard
Digital Submission
OSHA's new recordkeeping regulations require the digital submission of records. Anti-retaliatory provisions may impact policies  that address discipline, accident reporting,  recognition, and drug testing.
We assists you in the tracking and digital submission of all occupational injuries and illnesses.  Your incident data is archived, managed  and reported through the  eSafetyLine Recordkeeping system.
Professional safety consultants are available to assist you in the evaluation and  development of  written programs and policies that are compliant with the new  "anti-retaliation" provisions.
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Compliance Made Easy

OSHA's new recordkeeping regulations now require online digital reporting of OSHA logs and forms.  The standard may also impact your policies and programs that address discipline, accident reporting, drug testing , safety award and recognition programs.

Our OSHA Recordkeeping Service provides the tools and administrative support to assist you in managing your injury and illness reporting.  We can also help you prevent over reporting costing you work and under reporting resulting  in fines and penalties.

 Upon request, our professional safety consultants will review your policies and programs helping to ensure that they  comply with the new anti-retaliation provisions contained in the standard. 
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